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TalkAbout Let it Be'Gin

Registration: AKC SS08497404

Date of birth: September 9, 2018


Titles: Pursing TKN, NTD, CCF1, NSD, and RN

Elbows: GR-EL52377F31-VPI

Hips: GR-132785G31F-VPI

Eyes: GR-EYE22739/29F-NOPI (2/21)

Heart: GR-ACA6661/30F-VPI

Detention: GR-DE1164/31F-VPI


PRA1: Clear 

PRA2: Clear

ICT: Carrier

DM: Clear

NCL: Clear


Ginny is a little firecracker. Standing just 19" and weighing 45 lbs, she is small, but speedy and agile. Exceptional food drive and toy drive, Ginny would've made an excellent agility dog. However, we co-own Ginny with family members, where she is primarily a cherished family pet. Living with two small children, Ginny is gentle with her kids, and has a blast playing with other dogs, though known for bossing them around. An extremely athletic dog, Ginny can jump a 3ft baby gate from a stand still. She has excellent water courage, and is a very strong swimmer. Obedient and biddable, she tries her hardest to please her humans and needs very little correction. While she has not been on birds, as a puppy she had excellent bird drive (and has been known to retrieve a wandering chicken or two). Her pedigree brings in well-known powerhouses of the retrieving world, and we expect her to produce wonderful competition dogs. 

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