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 Our Story


    "Primarily a hunting dog" is a phrase that bears a lot of weight with us here at TalkAbout Retrievers. 

Leading Golden Retriever Breeders in Texas

We have been breeders of Golden Retriever puppies since 2015 and are developing our program with the goal to be one of the top Golden Retriever breeders in Texas. We want you to take home a dog that can spend the day with you in a blind, and then be recognized as a golden retriever on your way home. Whether you're up at the crack of dawn with your duck call, running an agility course, or doing therapy work, we want you to be involved with your golden. If titles aren't your thing, and you prefer to spend your days hunting leisurely, or giving back to your local nursing home, or just taking weekend hikes, we will cheer you on the entire way. We are in the habit of making relationships. We want our puppy families to feel like they can ask us anything or share any accomplishment, no matter how small. We were beginners too, and still have a long way to go, and a lot left to learn. 

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