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SHR Turbo TalkAbout A Sixx Sense TKN NTD


What a freaking dog. There's not much to say except keep your eye on this one. Crue has it all, and he's only fifteen months old. Running his first hunt test at less than one year old, Crue is casting well, running 200 yard pattern blinds, and is an excellent marker. He is also learning the foundations for competition obedience and is blowing my mind; starting at heeling like a pro at just 16 weeks of age. Nothing is too difficult for this dog. Everything, and everyone, is his friend and is so much fun. His field trainer has told us on multiple occasions how talented and enjoyable he is. Not only does Crue have the talent and personality, but he is a looker as well. Big things coming from this guy! He has received passing scores on his preliminary hip/elbow testing, and will finalize testing summer of 2022.

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