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SHR Turbo TalkAbout A Sixx Sense MH TKN NTD

Crue is the definition of biddable. He earned his master hunter title the week of his second birthday, with 4 of 5 passes being earned prior to 24 months old. He was pro-trained by Rusty Haglund of Trigger Time Kennels, who has nothing but amazing things to say - specifically citing his team player attitude and pinpoint marking ability (while still being an enjoyable dog full of personality). In fact, Crue is an even bigger goofball than Ledger; he is the typical "I love you" golden retriever people think of, bursting with joy and affection. He has a wonderful temperament, getting along with all dogs he's met and being best buds with Ledger,  our other intact male. Crue has remarkable talent for learning, and is doing excellent in both his agility and competition obedience foundations. Multiple testimonials are available regarding his training ability and temperament.

Crue at Stud

Crue is available at stud to approved bitches with all GRCA recommended clearances, we do not work with doodle breeders.




  • Hips: Good

  • Elbows: Normal

  • Heart: Normal

  • Eyes: Normal (08/2023)

  • Dentition: Full


  • Master Hunter (MH)

  • Trick Dog Novice (TKN)

  • Novice Trick Dog (NTD)

Genetic Testing

  • prcd-PRA: Carrier

  • PRA1: Clear

  • PRA2: Clear

  • Ich1: Clear

  • DM: Clear

  • NCL: Clear


  • Date of Birth: 07/03/2020

  • AKC# SS19810507

Photos of Crue

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