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"Primarily a hunting dog"


AKC health tested/titled golden retrievers, bred to excel in many competition venues and remain versatile home companions. Our hunting golden retriever puppies are bred for agility, field, and home companions. Raised with Puppy Culture/ENS. We breed AKC registered golden retrievers whom we strive to produce as healthy and loving companions. We aim to producedogs that are versatile, competitive and love to see families!

As Golden Retriever Club of America members, we take our breedings very seriously. With every breeding, our goal is to produce sound, healthy, and driven dogs. In our effort to produce the healthiest hunting golden retriever puppies possible, every dog in our program is tested for a minimum of hips, elbows, eyes, heart, and inheritable diseases. When we consider a breeding, we don't just take into account the health of the sire and dam. We look at generations of hip results, lifespan of siblings, the inbreeding coefficient, and prior offspring. Each stud is selected carefully, after months (if not years) of thought and comparison. Our overall aim is to provide driven and field-worthy golden retrievers that maintain type and are true to standard. Field golden retriever puppies are all born in our home, raised with a mixture of AviDog and Puppy Culture practices, and monitored 24-7. Our detailed application and phone screening process allows us to understand what each family is looking for in a puppy. At 7-8 weeks, we evaluate the litter and notify new families of their matches after testing temperament and drive. 

 Image credit: Jay Schwisow

TalkAbout Retrievers is based in north Texas. Our focus is on breeding golden retrievers capable of succeeding in a blind, obedience ring, agility field, or just at home with the family. All of our breeding dogs are tested according to GRCA recommendations, and proven in various venues. Field golden retriever puppies are raised with Puppy Culture and AviDog. Our contracts include lifelong support and 28 month health guarantees. 

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